Monday, January 02, 2006


Happy New Year!!

Hi all - I hope everyone had a terrific Christmas and New Year period

Sorry to have been so absent for such a long time. Life has been a very busy and I can't help feeling that this 20 years a veggie back to meat thing has been a bit of a disappointment!

I conclude that meat is great, but only in the same way that biscuits, chocolate and beer are great. Boring I know but it's pretty much down to quality and frequency.......As I said a couple of posts back the thing about eating meat is that it leads you into eating some of the crap meat which you wouldn't have ate if you were still a veggie!

Nutritional lows this last month -

Burger King chicken royale - this is the lowest of the culnery low literal and metaphorical crap
Chicken nuggets - pinched from Ewan's plate - poor lad having to eat this crap
Too much cider on boxing day - cider is fabulous gear but you do have to be a bit careful - something I'm sometimes not
Too much cheese - lets face it - it just doesn't agree with me and makes me feel bloaty
Double cream on the Xmas pud - instant asthma
Bottled Westons Organic cider - it's a crippling fact that this is too high in sugar and brings me an almost instant sugar low which pisses me off and those around me

Nutritional highs

The new Samson juicer - a must for all uptight middle classers for the new year - apple carrot and ginger - it is really good
My brother in laws brandy on Xmas day....mmmmmmmmmmm
Delia's luxery Fish Pie on Boxing Day,1342,RC.html really fabulous
Teri's Xmas pud
Fabbo vegetable and lentil soup after a walk in the woods yesterday
Sainsburies Pork and Apple sausages
Steamed savoy cabbage and cardomon pods
The first mussels I've ever cooked myself - too much wine but I won't make that mistake again

Nutritional No-Mans land

All things bacon

So I'm now into the (some would say boring) January abstinance - the fact is that it's what goes in between your ears that matters with food more than any rules about what you put into your stomache. On top of this alcohol is just a way of changing your mood/state. I'd rather find other ways but have found this difficult in the past being a bit lazy.......

Musical moments

Will speak soon

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