Sunday, December 04, 2005


Day 16

Well continuing the theme about falling into bad habits cos of meat eating.....Yesterday I had to take my youngest Ewan for a hair cut. Not the worst thing in the world but he's not entirely happy with the arrangement if you know what I mean.......As part of the general negotioation and encouragement he asked if he could go for a burger.

Well I don't know how you all manage with this, but it seems that if you limit such opportunities and if burger buying and little toy consumption is so much valued by children - how do you stop it seeming like such a treat!!

Anyway I agreed on Burger King and off we went into town with the plan to visit the bank, the post office, have a haircut, have lunch and go for a swim in some sort of order that would make sense at the time . We both had the haircut and Ewan went into a major wobble with hair down the back of his neck etc etc. Even though it was about 1.20 at this time we decided to go for a swim rather than lunch to get rid of his tickly bits. This done we emerged from the swimming pool at around 2.45 somewhat ravenous.

Now my usual strategy at BK or McD is to have a cup of tea and (.....yes OK) pinch a couple of chips. However I was bloody starving and ended up with something completely new to me.......a chicken royale!!!!!!!! Absolute gunk stuffed full of fat and salt and other should really look at the BK regulars, it's like something out of the Night of the Living Dead. The only positive thing to come out of this was that Ewan didn't really enjoy it either and said that he felt really fat after his chees boyger....lets' hope he'll remember that next time.....

Shower Songs - on the bus yesterday a rather eccentric looking young woman was singing If I Had a Hammer in such a sweet and unadorned way it was deffo my musical moment of the week if not year. My own shower version was certainly less charming but there you go - there must be some beauty in being a middle aged man?

A note to Dymphna....stop lurking there dear and jump in. Yes Mark is the most fabulous cook.

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