Friday, November 18, 2005


First steps - Friday evening

Hi - well it all happened at around 1.30 today - bacon sandwich, brown bread lots of what we used to call Red Harry (I used to have a band with that name - we had a huge bottle of Heinz as a stage backdrop but that's another story). I was really nervous - it was as if I was at the top of a huge big dipper type of round - really buzzed up and edgy. It tasted fantastic!!!!!!! No I don't mean pretty was fabulous I really drooled...people around me (Linda and John) couldn't really believe that an old bacon butty could have such an impact. I felt as high as a kite really enthused...however it was an exciting day and I don't think that I can put it down to the poor old pig.

15 minutes later I had a bit of a headache and was advised by Tai Chi Simon to drink lots of water. I had a piece of chocolate cake instead......

No faeces as yet to describe......

I'd just like to thanks all at NLP World .....(
for a fantastic training and all those on the course for making it happen - hope that you are looking at this blog and feeling my appreciation to all......big love. Hope to see many of you at the MM programme in January.

Shower Songs - first in a series of what I was singing in the shower this morning. Things started with Amarillo with Ewan soprano and me baritone - he wasn't in the shower he was having a poo!! I then found myself doing The Gypsy Song by Gay and Terry Woods - god knows why. It's off an early 70s album callend Time is Right. G and T started Steelye Span before Maddy et al - Terry was (and is??) a member of the Pogues......

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