Sunday, November 20, 2005


Day three

Hi - anothor wonderful day here in sunny and frosty Brighton. Played three sets of music last night in the Pub With No Name - the first ever with my daughter Morgan (15) - really enjoyable and she sings really well. Played the second set with Eamon from Foghorn Leghorn site not up and running yet but will be soon - the last set was with my own band The Spectones - we were on top form.......Pretty knackered now and not helped by keeping myself well lubricated with Lewes's best Harveys.

One of great things about relaxing the veggie rule was no myopic peering at the buffet in a darkened room for any flesh lurking amongst the quiche....I stayed clear of the goujons though

Am preparing myself for some roast organic chicken tonight with roast potato, parsnips, sprouts and onion gravy.....yaaaarrrro000oo00oooo!!

Shower Songs "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" by the Flaming Lips - top stuff but difficult to sing the instrumental twiddley bits

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