Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Day 5

Still feeling a bit crap but less dribbly stuff coming out of the nose which is a relief to everyone! Am at home listening to one of those late Johnny Cash albums. Now if you wanted to get a sense of what it would look and feel like to be at the end of a long and eventful life you could do worse then settle down with JC and a bottle of something strong.

No meat to report on as I'm keeping myself pure before next weekend when I'm off to Dorset with some friends. Old Marky boy is a bit of a hot shot in the kitchen and the menu for the weekend is

Friday night - Mussels and bacon in a cider sauce followed by sea bream
Saturday night - Chicken casserole
Sunday night - a Raclette - basically hot fab cheese bit like a fondue with cold meats and some spuds - have a look here for photo

Going to take lots of fruit veg and water to keep me flowing well ; - )

Shower songs - Box of Rain by the Grateful Dead - just the job!

My dear, dear Phil.. If you want to lose weight then why oh why are you eating meat which is one of the worst things you could do to your digestion. Maybe to prove a point, who knows but I have a theory about why men put on weight (and maybe some women) and that is ... you're not going to like this... BEER!!!! yes, that watery, bitter stuff that goes down a treat contains CALORIES and lots of them. Just count up how many you have each week and... hey, guess what... its a much as a chocolate gateaux. Now would you eat a whole chocolate gateaux? not as much fun as beer, no, but no good for the calorie controlled diet either. Beer contains lots of carbs too.. no good for losing weight. but you're an intelligent guy and I know you know all this stuff anyway.

Now, I'm not a nutritionist but I take a real interest in healthy eating (just take a look in my cupboards) My theory to lose weight is to cut out (or down on) cheese, beer, unrefined bread, meat and increase lentils, basmati rice (not short grain as it contains too many carbs) nuts, seeds (all the exciting stuff!) soya milk and bread made with spelt flour. Don't forget, weight and size is largly (excuse the pun) a genetic thing so you may just be unlucky.

Apart from that... enjoy yourself!
Hi Sue - wher have you been drinking - "watery bittery" stuff? Sounds terrible!

We can talk rice though - short grain is though to be better for water retention and much of our health challenges comes from de-hydration although you're righ tabout the carbs though....

We need NtN to come in on this!
There are different ways to lose weight. Normally natural ways are good to lose weight like walk, exercise, Jim like that.

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