Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Day 4

Well feel dreadful today, streaming cold - the first I've had for years (5?) don't know if it's meat related - maybe I'm just mortal???

Last night had roast chicken, carrots, brocc and my favourate savoy cabbage with caraway seeds - top stuff and tasted fantastic. Then went off to Tai Chi feeling great......

Shower Songs - none this morning as too busy sneezing

Hi Phil Hang in there...A cold is a sign of a conflict of some sort in the regeneration phase. So it's good news. I am no expert in MM but I know bits. I do eat meat from time to time. Because I eat it so rarelly I really appreciate it. I believe you should eat no more than 2 meat meal in a week. So take it easy and it will all be ok. Lots of love Christel
Hiya Phil
Congratulations and welcome back to the wonderful world of pork. We'll have to keep a close eye on you next weekend in Dorset, make sure you dont attack any farm animals in some sort of born-again meat-eating frenzy. Can I suggest some sort of rating system for your postings ...
One Sausage - suitable for all the familly
Two Sausages - may contain graphic references to meat eating that sensitive web-users might find disturbing
Two Sausages with Roast Lamb, Liver & Bacon on the side - Contains explicit references to meat-eating and/or bowel movements.
Hiya Mademoiselle Thimont!!! Really nice to hear from you! Yes you are right in line with NtN who has said the some thing about healing and conflict........but I still feel like merde

Are you on for the Meta Medecine course in January?
"Lips" Anderson - get back in the abbattoire!!!!
Hi Phil, NtN here
A cold, a temperature - that's great - your body is cleansing! Not sure if the meat had anything to do with it - although - Bacon butty Phil? I can see the attraction but probably the hardest for our systems to cope with - laden with salt, pork - the hardest meat to digest, bread - glutenous, ketchup - also laden with salt, sugar etc etc. Put that one down to a wonderful memory and stick to your organic chicken once a week.
Don't forget those natropathic techniques to help your cleanse along - an epsom salt bath tonight would be good to start with.
Hope you are feeling better soon.
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