Saturday, November 19, 2005


Day 2

Well still feeling fab today. Probably not going to eat any flesh until tomorrow as Nicky the Nutritionist (NtN) says to limit myself to 2 meat meals in the first 7 days. Lots of water and that's waving off the headache. Am playing a gig tonight at a 40th birthday party - chances I will have that headache tomorrow then. Really gorgous and crispy today (the weather not the bacon)

Those of a nervous disposition may wihs to avert their eyes now as we talk faecal matter!!

Thought that I was a bit consitipated earlier on but had a satisfying bowel movement (bm) this morning - all tickety boo! However it was a tad challenging on the olfactory front - definately different ia a considerable way which had some inpact if your following my thinking

Shower Songs - bit odd again - "The Rope" by Lauris Lewes and Grant Street and "West Virginia" by Hazel Dickens - obviously on a bluegrass tip at the moment : - )

All this talk about food is making me hungry, funny how the talk about faeces doesn't make me want to go to the toilet though.(phil-osophical)Why 13 stone by the 19th december, what is it your not telling us (Phil-omathically) or is it simply to do with ego? (Phil-ogenous) anyway! all good luck (Phil-anthropically)
errmmm? Lost me a bit with all that Phillogeny.

Ego - me!!! I certainly hope so
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