Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Day 12

Hi folks - back from something of a meat and cider feast over the weekend and recognizing the need to take it a bit easy on both for a while. As well as the carnivorous delights described previously, my weekend also involved 2 full English breakfast. Feeling dead bloaty and may have moved in the opposite direction wightwise than envisioned - oh never mind will need to get down to it now...... Great weekend though with some lovely walking - very mild in Dorset over the weekend and strolled between Kimmeridge Bay to Worth Matravers on Sunday in a t-shirt.

Cider recommendation - Barrow Hill http://www.ciderbrandy.co.uk/ they also do cider brandy mmmmmmmmm

Shower songs - bit tricky over the weekend as generally too hungover - lots of rock 'n roll played over the weekend which may have been a shock to buccolic environs - top album probably being Raw Power by Iggy and the Stooges

Poo News - all tickety boo, thanks for asking!

NtN here - Hi Phil
Well, yes lets talk rice - although you know thatnobletrainer is right about the BEER, not the watery, bitter stuff description, the fact that it is one of the worst carbohydrates you can consume - full of refined sugars, wheat (gluten) and chemicals our bodies find difficult to process.

Rice on the other hand is a complex carbohydrate, slow release sugars that sustain energy for long periods of time. Short grain brown rice is the best choice as it contains vitamins and minerals, bran and fibre, essential oils in its outer shell and within. It is concentrated particularly in B vitimins and therefore helpful for the central nervous system (helps relieve mental depression). It is the most water holding grain and helps helps hydrate your colon thereby helping with constipation and or diarrhea and expelling toxins. It is suitable for cooler climates such as winter in the UK.

Basmati rice is appropriate for weitht loss but only if it is whole-grain basmati, often difficult to get. "White basmati" is parboiled before refining, which does drive a small but important percentage of vitamins and minerals into the interior of the grain. However it is lacking the bran and associated fibre, the germ and its essential oils and the majority of other nutrients found in these removed parts.

Phil, if it's weight loss you are after, go back to the principles we have talked about - work on balancing your blood sugar and your metabolism. We could talk coconut oil next time?

Hope that helps.
Nicki Edgell Nutritionist PDNN
I don't know about that NtN but she talks a whole lot of sense if you ask me ; - )

I'm obviously heartbroken about the beer......sniff
Morning All,
Personally I am never going to drink beer ever again. My recent experiences in Dorset have really confirmed my belief in Cider as the way forward for a relaxed attitude and a healthy lifestyle. I also found some evidence that it helps you see in the dark... It always seemed really really dark on the way to the Square & Compass but not at all on the way back. I checked (a) that I had not stayed there until morning and (b) whether my companions had noticed the same phenomenon. So quite a scientific approach.
For weight-loss I would recommend vigorous exercise - ideally at least four times per week. Table-Tennis is one option but I can give you lots of other suggestions.
And lets have more fantastic fish!
Shower songs :
Anything by Skate Bush or Pike and Tina Tuna. Also Kev brought some CD's along to the cottage including a wonderful selection of punk classics re-interpreted in the french schmoozy chanson style. DK's "Too Drunk to ****" is marvellous.
Thanks for your complementary reference to my cooking.
It's a pleasure Mark - obvious Piscine references would have to include the Fish brothers and Alison Goldfishfrapp
Cod Stewart
Count Bass-ie
Brill Withers
Ray Charles
Dr Eelgood
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