Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Day 12

Hi folks - back from something of a meat and cider feast over the weekend and recognizing the need to take it a bit easy on both for a while. As well as the carnivorous delights described previously, my weekend also involved 2 full English breakfast. Feeling dead bloaty and may have moved in the opposite direction wightwise than envisioned - oh never mind will need to get down to it now...... Great weekend though with some lovely walking - very mild in Dorset over the weekend and strolled between Kimmeridge Bay to Worth Matravers on Sunday in a t-shirt.

Cider recommendation - Barrow Hill http://www.ciderbrandy.co.uk/ they also do cider brandy mmmmmmmmm

Shower songs - bit tricky over the weekend as generally too hungover - lots of rock 'n roll played over the weekend which may have been a shock to buccolic environs - top album probably being Raw Power by Iggy and the Stooges

Poo News - all tickety boo, thanks for asking!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Day 6

Hi there - well what a day - winter really started and we are all now invited to get pissed when we like and as long as we'd like...

Big fish day for me yesterday - mackeral for lunch and smoked cod for tea - yum yum.........Still feeling very good apart from my left leg locking in the kitchen (the fact that said locking took place in the kitchen isn't really relevant but I thought you'd like some context) Could make the balance of the drinking/walking weekend tip somewhat.

Prawn Rogan Josh for tea plus short grain rice. Will blog later after I've discovered how to blog from my mobile

Shower songs Mistleto and wine - I know.......pitiful

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Day 5

Still feeling a bit crap but less dribbly stuff coming out of the nose which is a relief to everyone! Am at home listening to one of those late Johnny Cash albums. Now if you wanted to get a sense of what it would look and feel like to be at the end of a long and eventful life you could do worse then settle down with JC and a bottle of something strong.

No meat to report on as I'm keeping myself pure before next weekend when I'm off to Dorset with some friends. Old Marky boy is a bit of a hot shot in the kitchen and the menu for the weekend is

Friday night - Mussels and bacon in a cider sauce followed by sea bream
Saturday night - Chicken casserole
Sunday night - a Raclette - basically hot fab cheese bit like a fondue with cold meats and some spuds - have a look here for photo http://www.raclette.de/shopdata/shop.php4?aktion=specials&page=raclette

Going to take lots of fruit veg and water to keep me flowing well ; - )

Shower songs - Box of Rain by the Grateful Dead - just the job!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Day 4

Well feel dreadful today, streaming cold - the first I've had for years (5?) don't know if it's meat related - maybe I'm just mortal???

Last night had roast chicken, carrots, brocc and my favourate savoy cabbage with caraway seeds - top stuff and tasted fantastic. Then went off to Tai Chi feeling great......

Shower Songs - none this morning as too busy sneezing

Monday, November 21, 2005


Day Three

Didn't manage the chicken last nigt as run out of time.....had some pork and apple sausages. Pretty fantastic but I was quite alarmed by the amount of fat coming off them - chicken tonight will report tomorrow.

Feeling pretty energetic, lots of cycling today. Weighed myself this am - 13 stone and 6 pounds - I aim to be less than 13 stone by 19th December. My plan is lots of carbs for breakfast, salad and protein (probably fish or humous) at lunch and protein and veg for evening meal

Shower Songs - Wind and the Rain by Gillian Welch - can't seem to shake the Americana stuff...............

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Day three

Hi - anothor wonderful day here in sunny and frosty Brighton. Played three sets of music last night in the Pub With No Name - the first ever with my daughter Morgan (15) - really enjoyable and she sings really well. Played the second set with Eamon from Foghorn Leghorn http://www.foghornleghorn.co.uk/ site not up and running yet but will be soon - the last set was with my own band The Spectones http://www.spectones.co.uk/ - we were on top form.......Pretty knackered now and not helped by keeping myself well lubricated with Lewes's best Harveys.

One of great things about relaxing the veggie rule was no myopic peering at the buffet in a darkened room for any flesh lurking amongst the quiche....I stayed clear of the goujons though

Am preparing myself for some roast organic chicken tonight with roast potato, parsnips, sprouts and onion gravy.....yaaaarrrro000oo00oooo!!

Shower Songs "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" by the Flaming Lips - top stuff but difficult to sing the instrumental twiddley bits

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Day 2

Well still feeling fab today. Probably not going to eat any flesh until tomorrow as Nicky the Nutritionist (NtN) says to limit myself to 2 meat meals in the first 7 days. Lots of water and that's waving off the headache. Am playing a gig tonight at a 40th birthday party - chances I will have that headache tomorrow then. Really gorgous and crispy today (the weather not the bacon)

Those of a nervous disposition may wihs to avert their eyes now as we talk faecal matter!!

Thought that I was a bit consitipated earlier on but had a satisfying bowel movement (bm) this morning - all tickety boo! However it was a tad challenging on the olfactory front - definately different ia a considerable way which had some inpact if your following my thinking

Shower Songs - bit odd again - "The Rope" by Lauris Lewes and Grant Street and "West Virginia" by Hazel Dickens - obviously on a bluegrass tip at the moment : - )

Friday, November 18, 2005


First steps - Friday evening

Hi - well it all happened at around 1.30 today - bacon sandwich, brown bread lots of what we used to call Red Harry (I used to have a band with that name - we had a huge bottle of Heinz as a stage backdrop but that's another story). I was really nervous - it was as if I was at the top of a huge big dipper type of round - really buzzed up and edgy. It tasted fantastic!!!!!!! No I don't mean pretty good....it was fabulous I really drooled...people around me (Linda and John) couldn't really believe that an old bacon butty could have such an impact. I felt as high as a kite really enthused...however it was an exciting day and I don't think that I can put it down to the poor old pig.

15 minutes later I had a bit of a headache and was advised by Tai Chi Simon to drink lots of water. I had a piece of chocolate cake instead......

No faeces as yet to describe......

I'd just like to thanks all at NLP World .....(http://www.nlpworld.co.uk/neuro_linguistic_programming_world.htm
for a fantastic training and all those on the course for making it happen - hope that you are looking at this blog and feeling my appreciation to all......big love. Hope to see many of you at the MM programme in January.

Shower Songs - first in a series of what I was singing in the shower this morning. Things started with Amarillo with Ewan soprano and me baritone - he wasn't in the shower he was having a poo!! I then found myself doing The Gypsy Song by Gay and Terry Woods - god knows why. It's off an early 70s album callend Time is Right. G and T started Steelye Span before Maddy et al - Terry was (and is??) a member of the Pogues......


Day One - 8.26

Pretty conservative start - a mango and some greek yog with pumpkin seeds.....not exactly a meat feast. Nicky the Nutritionist says that I should be careful not to overload my system (sigh) therefore doing lots of water today. Am under strict instructions to chewwwwwwwww

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Hi - still there???

Just checking on how to do this thing......ya get me???


20 years a veggie - or returning to the fold 17/11/05

Well this is it folks my first post on my first blog. The idea is to chart my return to meat eating after 20 years of being a veggie - though some people might not agree with that description as I've been eating fish all that time (mmmmmmmm...love it)

It struck me that people might be interested in the impact on me of that switch and on this blog I'll be letting you know what I'm eating and the impact on me. I'm hoping that it will appeals to those serious nutritionists out there and also to the plain nosey who'll be hoping for descriptions of faeces and that kind of thing

Tomorrow's the big day - becoming an NLP Master Practitioner and eating my first bacon sandwich since 1985

Stay tuned............

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